Pamina with Sorastro
Design for Desiree in evening dress
Design for Monostatos
Pamina Act 1
Design for Pamina's Act 1 Dress
Design for Queen of the Night
Queen of the Night
Queen of the Night
Caped Queen
Tamino and Papageno in Pam's Bedroom
Tamino and Papageno
Tamino Seeing Pamina in a Vision
Tamino Seeing Vision of Pamina
Designs for the 3 Spirits
The Spirits
The 3 Spirits
Papagena and Papageno United
Design for Sorastro
Design for Sorastro
Papagena Design
Design for Papagena
Papagena in Disguise
Papagena in Disguise
Design for Papagena in Disguise
Papagena in Disguise
Design forGentlemen of the Chorus
Gentlemen of the Chorus
The Council of Sorastro
Men's Chorus
Ladies Chorus
Ladies of the Chorus
Design for Ladies Chorus
Ladies of the Chorus
Queen Threatening Pamina
Queen with Pamina
Monostatos Aproaching Pamina
The Dream
The Final Battle with the Queen in Battle Dress
Mme Armfelt dressed for dinner with Frid Mme
Lady 3 Design
Design for Lady 3
Lady 1
Design for Lady 1
Lady 1
Queen's Lady 1
Pamina Act II
Desire in evening dress with Fredrik

The Magic Flute

By W.A. Mozart

University of Michigan March 2014


Director: Kay Castaldo

Set Designer: Peter Harrison

Lighting Designer: Kendall Smith


Photographs by Peter Smith



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Papageno Travelling
Design for Papageno Travelling
Papageno sans Cape
Design for Papageno without Cape
Papageno sans Cape
Papageno at ease.
Pam in her Bedroom
Lady 2
Design for Lady 2
Lady 2
Queen's Lady 2
Pam Design
Design for Pam
Tamino Design
Design for Tamino
Queen's Lady 3
Lady 3