The Drowsy Chaperone

By Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison Bob Martin and Don McKellar

Performance Network Theatre Nov 2010


Director: Carla Milarch

Music Director: Ryan MacKenzie Lewis

Set Designer: Monika Essen

Lighting Designer:Justin Lang


Photographs By Sean Carter

2011 Wilde Award Nomination for Best Costumes

Won 2011 Subscribers Choice Award for Best Costumes

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Man in Chair
Man in the Chair
Drowsy Entrance Design
Drowsy Chaperone Entrance
Drowsy Grand Entrance
Drowsy Chaperone in Coat
Janet Design
Drowsy and Janet
George and Robert
George and Robert
Janet and Robert
Janet and Robert
Mrs Tottendale
Mrs Tottendale Design
Design for Kitty
Kitty and Chef dancing
Mrs Tottendale and Butler
Mrs Tottendale and Butler
Thug Chefs and Mr Feldzeig
Chef Thugs
Adolpho and George
Design for Drowsy's dress
The Happy Song and Dance
Whole Cast Singing
Trix the Aviatrix
Trix the Aviatrix
Kitty's Wedding Dress
Kitty's Wedding Dress Design
Mrs T's Wedding Dress
Mrs Tottendale's Wedding Dress
Drowsy's Wedding Dress
Drowsy's Wedding Dress Design
Janet's Wedding Dress
Janet's Wedding Dress Design
Drowsy and Janet Get Married
Drowsy and Janet Wedding
Kitty and, Mrs T Get Married
Kitty and Mrs T Wedding