Rockland The Opera

By Jukka Linkola

A New World Premiere

Pine Mountain Music Festival July 2011


Director: Jussi Tapola

Conductor: Craig Randal Johnson

Set Designer: Tom Burch

Lighting Designer: Helena Kuukka


Photographs by Monte Consulting

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Old Aldred 1960 Visiting Rockland
Old Alfred
Tourists in Rockland 1960
Rauha 4th July Dress
Rauha 4th July
Rauha and Johanna 4th July
Johanna and Rauha at 4th July Picnic
Children In Front Of The Band
Children at the 4th July Picnic
The Original Rockland Band
The Original Rockland Band
Johanna at Home
Johanna at Home
Chorus Singing Finnish Anthem
Finnish Anthem
Shift Change Prior to Accident
Shift Change
Pekka and Johanna
Miners 1906
John, A Miner
Pastor Rantanen Reference
A Finnish Pastor
Hilja And John
Hilja with Chorus
Pete The Barber In The Saloon
Saloon Girls
Pete Singing His Song
The Barber
Pinkerton Guard Research
Pinkerton Guards Reference
Old Alfred Looking Back At The Strike
The Strike
Scene of the Strike
On Strike
Colton, The Mine Boss
Colton and Jackson Argue
Bosses Argue
Johanna and Family Leave
Johanna Leaves
Pekka Is Shot
Pastor Rantanen In Church
Two Churches