Lite Motifs

University of Michigan Feb 2012


Choreography: Robin Wilson

Artistic Director: Judy Rice

Lighting Designer: Mary Cole

Music by G Clinton, B Collins, B Worrell, Joe Brooks, M Loane, A Keala, C Kua, D Crowley, M Monk, Mrs C.H.Morris


Photographs by Peter Smith

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Dancers with mouth lights
Design for costumes to start the piece
Flashlight dance
Design for man and beginning and end costumes
Colorful dancers
Representing white light
Beginning of Lite Motifs
Design for some costumes, silk in three color ranges
Back views
Blues, pinks and greens
Design for second group of dancers
Building to the crescendo
Periwinkle shades
Joyful dancing
Leaping for joy
Ecstatic whirling in the light