La Traviata

By Giuseppe Verdi

Pine Mountain Music Festival July 2010


Director: Joshua Major

Conductor: Stephen Hargreaves

Lighting Designer: Gary Decker


Photographs by Monte Consulting and Belinda Matlock



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Men Act 1 Party Design
Women Act 1 Party
Act 1 Party
Violetta Act 1 Party Dress Design
Violetta Act 1 Party Dress
Violetta and Alfredo
Violetta in the Country
Design for Anna
Anna and Violetta
Violetta Country Dress Design
Germonnt Talks to Violetta
Design for Germont
Men Act 2 Party Design
Men act 2 Party
Violetta Sings at Party
Violetta Act 2 Dress Design
Violetta's act 2 party dress
Act 2 Party
Act 2 Party
Women Act 2 Party Dresses
Women's Chorus act 2 party
Card Table
Playing Cards
Alfredo Gives a Necklace
Giving a necklace
Violetta Says Farewell
Violetta Dying
Violetta and Alfredo at Party
Violetta and Alfredo
Design for Alfredo
Design forVioletta's Robe
Violetta's Robe
Violetta Dying
Violetta's Robe
Doctor Watches Helplessly
Violetta Dying
Design for Doctor
Gypsy Girls
Gypsies at the party