Fidalma Seduces Paolino

Il Matrimonio Segreto

By Domenico Cimerosa

Pine Mountain Music Festival July 2009


Director: Nick Olcott

Conductor: Joey Mechavich

Lighting Designer: Gary Decker


Photographs: Monte Consulting and Joe Kirkish

Pool and night scene ideas
Night wear and poolside ideas
Fidalma and Elisetta
Ringing Bells
Fidalma Day Dress
Fidalma day dress
Act 1 Ladies by Pool
Morning by the pool
Count Robison and Geronimo
Geronimo Concept
Geronimo ideas
Elisetta Day Dress
Elisetta day dress
Paulino Day Wear
Paolino day
Paolino Concept
Paolino Ideas
Carolina Concept Ideas
Carolina ideas
Paolino and Carolina
Lovers spat
Carolina Evening
Count Robinson Woos Carolina
Count and Carolina
Secretaries Discuss Marriage Contract
Geronimo and secretaries
Father and Daughters Talk
Girls with Father
Geronimo with his Secretary
Geronimo and secretary
Girls and Fidalma with the Count
Ladies day
Design for Fidalma's Evening Dress
Fidalma Evening
Fidalma in Evening Dress
Fidalma by piano
Design for The Two Secretaries
Play Slide Show....
Design for Count Robinson
Count Robinson Sings
Count singing
Elisetta's Evening Dress
Elisetta evening dress
Count Dancing with Secretary
Secretary dances with Count
Design for Ellisetta's Evening dress
Elisetta evening dress design