Headless Woman

University of Michigan Feb 2013


Choreography: Amy Chavasse

Artistic Director: Judy Rice

Scenic Coordination: Kasia Mrozewska

Lighting Design: Mary Cole

Video: Caroline Chavasse

Music By Andy Hasenphlug

Photographs by Peter Smith


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The carnival comes to town
Assistant wearing long skirt
Gold assistant
Design for Knife Thrower's Assistants
Sketch for MC and idea for audience.
The Mc showing off his hat
MC with Headless Women
Design for Headless Women and Tiger Tamers
Headless Women dancing
Headless Women with Tiger Tamer et al
Tiger Tamers with their tiger
Flame Swallower
Blue assistant with headless women and flame thrower
Designfor Flame Swallowers and Barkers
Costuming for audience members
MC playing to carnival figures
Design for the Tattooed Ladies
Tattooed Lady duet
Tattooed Lady dancing