Celebrating 100 years of Dance at the University of Michigan

Ann Arbor Dance Works and UM Dance Dept June 2009


Director/Choreographer: Jessica Fogel

Set/Visual Design: Kasia Mrowzewska

Lighting Design: Mary Cole


Photographs by Peter Smith

Research Pictures courtesy of the Bently Historical Library

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Early 20's Balloon Dance
Balloon Dance 1920'2
1920's Re-creation
Balloon Dance Recreation
1920's Cloggers
Cloggers Original Image
Recreation of 1920's Cloggers
Modern Cloggers
Movement in the 1930's in the Old Gym,
Movement in the 1940's
Movement Class
1930's Re told
Movement recreation
!940s Dance with Man
1940's original
1940's Re-Creation
Movement with Man
Boys Dance Class Recreated
Boys Class
1950's Dance with Man
1950's Class with Man
1950's Dance with Man Reborn
Modern Recreation of 1950s Class with Man
1960's to Present in the New Dance Building
Dance on the Lawns
Dance Dept Future at UM North Campus