Despina in cahoots and in disguise as the doctor
Fiordigli being wooed by Ferrando
Design for Fiordigli
Design for Ferrando
Design for Guglielmo
Design for Dorabella
Wooing the Girls
Chorus townspeople assembled for the marriage
Dorabella and Ferrando
Celebrating the false marriages
All is well, happy endings
Signing the marriage contract with Despina disguised as the notary
Awkward beginnings with the Albanian suitors
Don Alfonso setting up the disguise
The disguise is revealed
Don Alfonso and Despina
Design for Don Alfonso
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Cosi Fan Tutte

By Wolfgan Amadeus Mozart

Pine Mountain Music Festival June 2012


Director: Joshua Major

Maestro: Joseph Mechavich

Scenic Design: Gary Decker

Lighting Design: Gary Decker


Photographs by Monte Consulting