Finale with sunflower and joy
Springtime, joy, wellbeing
Movement in innocence and emergence
Design for base costume with pockets for texture
Emergence, joy
Women emerging in base costume, innocence, nakedness
Spring leaves
Peace and wellbeing
Male dance costume design, base and silk overshirt painted
Sketch for third group of dancers
Dance group 2 silk dresses painted
Section 1 to Monteverdi
A Duet of love
Sketches for some of the dancers
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Aria Vitali

University of Michigan Feb 2013


Choreography: Sandra Torijano

Artistic Director: Judy Rice

Set Design: Kasia Mrozewska

Lighting Design: Mary Cole

Music By Monteverdi, H.Villa-Lobos, J.S.Bach,A. Inglesias


Photographs by Peter Smith