Death scene where Katherine meets Beethoven
Design for hospital robe showing Katherine's vulnerability
Clara and Mike out dancing
Design for Mike at club and presentation scene
Design for Schindler
Schindler, Beethoven's secretary
Design for Diabelli showing fancier waistcoat for act II
Act 2
Diabelli in his act II waistcoat
Design for Diabelli in act I
Anton Diabelli, music publisher act I
Katherine and Gertie waiting for train
Design for Katherine in travel clothing
Design for Clara's first costume
Clara's first costume
Gertie and Katherine at the train station
Design for Gertie as we first see her
Design forKatherine in business suit
Katherine and Gertie in the archives
Beethoven with Schindler
Design for Beethoven

33 Variations

By Moises Kaufman

Purple Rose Theatre April 2013



Director: Guy Sanville

Set Designer: Vince Mountain

Lighting Designer: Dana White


Photographs by Danna Segrest



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